Phil’s Guide to a Successful Fisting Diet

Everyone’s body is different

It’s important to remember that what works for one person may not work for another. While I’ve compiled some general information which might help ease the cleaning out process and give peace of mind during play, there is no one-size-fits-all. Experimentation is highly encouraged.

Keep a Record

Because everyone’s body reacts differently to what we do or don’t put into it, while trying to figure out a diet for yourself, keeping a record of what is eaten and when can help. This could be written into a journal, mobile apps meant for dieting, or just kept track of in your head. One of the best things to do for making fisting as a bottom easier is being aware of what you’ve consumed and when. Including the time and amount eaten in the journal can be helpful. Look for patterns when cleaning out or playing; easy cleanout one day? Look back and figure out what you ate.

What to Eat

Because each body is different, there are very few foods that would apply to everyone. However, consuming things that can pass through the digestive tract unchanged can be problematic, especially so when these can cause harm to the bottom during play. Whole chia seeds or pumpkin seeds, anything hard and sharp, should absolutely be avoided prior to playing. As a general rule, many people benefit from a diet low in processed foods, and closer to nature. Ditching junk foods and candies and trying a clean diet for a week or two, then slowly adding foods in one at a time can help identify foods that are problematic. Additionally, fatty foods, things like pizza, Chinese, ice cream, TV dinners, burritos, beans, onions, and garlic have been discussed as potential problem foods which may make cleanout more difficult due to increased output.

For events (IML, CLAW) I typically begin a restricted diet a day or two before play, and continue until three hours before my last bottoming scene. For my diet, I eat chicken breast slow cooked with simple spices (sea salt, pepper) and bone broth, mixed with rice. I also eat steamed vegetables and as much fruit as I want. This works well for me, and I can clean out in 20 minutes or less. Everyone’s body is different though, so some experimentation is recommended.

Creating a Gap

One way to ease the cleanout process and decrease the likelihood of accidents during play is to use fasting techniques. No solid foods for 6-12 hours before play can be sufficient, although some people may go longer. This can easily be done overnight if you are able to play in the morning. Remember to drink plenty of water to help your body clear itself out. This can be uncomfortable if you’re used to eating on a schedule, but as long as you’re free of any diet related health conditions (diabetes, hypoglycemia) fasting is perfectly safe, and won’t necessarily result in a wrecked metabolism or cause your body to eat away all its muscle. From what I’ve read online, fasting can actually be beneficial when followed by healthy foods and portion sizes.


Many men swear by fiber supplements. These come in capsules, powders, and may even be added to food products. They can range in price and effect. Most of these are very similar, however, some should be avoided or used experimentally before committing to playing. Most of these products can cause dehydration by redirecting water into your poop, so they should all be consumed with plenty of water. It’s recommended you do not take your fiber with medications, as it tends to congeal into a solid mass in the stomach, potentially carrying your pills through your GI tract undissolved. Wait an hour before or after.
Powders: Powders tend to be the most affordable option. They should be mixed with an adequate amount of water and consumed quickly to keep them from congealing in the cup. Common ingredients are psyllium seed husk (ground is preferred), ground chia seed, acacia, or chicory root. Metamucil is one example of a branded product containing psyllium. Fiber products with probiotics in them should be avoided, these can cause gas and diarrhea.
Capsules: These tend to be a bit more expensive. Some people say they are less effective than powders, though some people have had no issues, and enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly take their fiber without mixing it into fluid. Pure for Men is an example of a branded product marketed to gay men.
Methylcellulose: Many foods and gummies with added fiber contain an ingredient called methylcellulose. This is a man-made fiber created by chemically treating tree cellulose. Anecdotally, this has been shown to cause people to have gas, bloating, and have a longer cleanout. I would watch for this ingredient and treat it with caution. Powdered and capsule form fiber supplements are generally preferable to foods with fiber added into them, or gummy candy.
Probiotics: The douching process can wash out good bacteria, so it may be smart to take some kind of probiotic. Many kinds of supplements are available, and fermented foods like yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi can get the job done as well. For those with HIV, a product called Florastor has been recommended as the supplement of choice. Due to the larger size of the microorganism, it’s less likely to permeate the intestinal wall and cause issues elsewhere.

***Legal Disclaimer***
This guide is not meant to substitute for any medical advice. This is information I use for my own personal dieting practices for fisting. You should always take the advice of your doctor and/or medical professional. You should always consult with your doctor before beginning any diet program and never rely on information from this or any website run by a non-medical professional, including this one.